I'll correct that grammar—seriously.

I've simply got you covered.


Have you ever noticed when something is so well-written, that you almost don't notice it? Excellent writing flows smoothly off the page. That's the kind of proofreading and editing I believe in. My name is Brie, and my goal is to help you produce the best possible content while allowing your voice to shine through.

I've been trained to follow the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines, as well as AP style, but I can adapt to any house style that you need. This comes in handy when I work on Project Gutenberg under their unique house style. Additionally, I've been certified through the General Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ course from Proofread Anywhere. 

I graduated with a History Teaching degree, which required extensive writing courses that I thoroughly enjoyed. Grammar and editing books pique my downtime interest as much as historical fiction and political thrillers! I've been proofreading and editing others' work off and on for years and decided to build a business doing what I love!


It's been my pleasure to assist published authors, first-time authors, social media gurus, blog writers, and students. I can't wait to assist you!

You can find a few samples of my work under the "Samples" tab, and my services and rates are posted under "Services/Rates." Like it says in the name, I like to keep it simple!



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